Month: January 2022


4 Ways Digital Transformation is Driving Customer Experience

How Customer Experience Drives Digital Transformation – Rohit Prabhakar

Digital transformation gives companies the chance to engage modern buyers, and also deliver on their anticipation of a faultless customer experience, irrespective of the channel or place.

Most individuals on are of the opinion that digital transformation compels companies to transform their business models, and adapt to the new market reality. What is amusing about this is that it is not the companies that are driving this change, rather the change is being driven by the customer.

Customer experience plays a huge role in digital transformation because there have been various feedbacks about online stores that suggest an attempt at staying connected to customers.

We are all aware that in order for companies to grow, they need to keep up with customer experience, and must understand how customer expectations have evolved the digital transformation.

Here is how digital transformation is driving customer experience:

1.  Personalized digital journey

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