Month: March 2022


Messy Code Website Problems You Have To Avoid

When a website is built, a lot of code is created. This is especially the case when the website has several features and functions. If the code of the website is messy and organized, issues will appear. The website will not function as it should and you will end up with a bad user experience, which hinders website growth as it affects search engine rankings. If you see the problems below, you can have the best WordPress hosting and still experience huge problems.

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Bad Robots.txt Files

The major search engines will use Robots.txt in order to learn more about the site and index pages. Crawlers actively scroll these files so if you incorrectly use them, the information available for the site is limited. This is particularly damaging when a site is recently launched. To make proper use of this option, you absolutely need to remember the following:

  • txt has to
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