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5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Use Google My Business

Google My Business

We had the pleasure of working with James Brands from WilliCreative, who persuaded us to utilise Google My Business to it’s full potential. It was most definitely a learning curve, but we were able to uncover the following:

The modern world is so digital that entrepreneurs can no longer dispense with digital marketing. In fact, regardless of the kind or size of a business adventure, online marketing must be done right for the business to succeed. This article uncovers five top benefits of Google My Business as one of such online marketing platforms especially to small businesses as follows:

1. Cost Effectiveness
One of the major profit making strategy in virtually all kinds of businesses in minimizing the cost while maximizing the output. This is achievable with Google My Business which is absolutely free. Whether you are setting up a new account or updating your business data, all you need is internet connection and you are good to go.

2. Several Service Areas
Google My Business allows users to set up as many service areas as their businesses have. This is done in two ways:
– When filling in one’s business details during the initial sign up.
– By subsequently updating the user’s details, for instance, if the user opens up a new branch.

3. Possibility to Update
Business data that are fed to Google My Business are not cast on stone. It recognizes the fact that every little detail regarding any business can potentially change. Be it service location, contact details or business name, Google My Business permits changes to user’s data partially or entirely at the instance of the user.

4. Publishing Posts to vast majority of customers
People constantly search for online information about goods and services they intend to purchase. Google My Business is an excellent platform publishing posts like videos, pictures and reviews that often entice customers. Customers are there to be convinced and this is a superb opportunity to impress the customers. What’s more? One can even share his/her Google+ posts here.

5. Getting Customers’ Responses
How is this possible? Well, customers are capable of reviewing, rating or endorsing any of the the businesses on Google My Business. A business with high customer rating is as attractive to other customers as a magnet. This is why big companies pay customers to review their products. Nothing builds a stronger rapport with customers like a business that is committed to making necessary changes to suit customers’ needs.

In a nutshell, the best opportunity to market one’s business with all the pros that an entrepreneur can ever wish for is wrapped up in one packet called Google My Business. It is not illogical to argue that Google My Business alone cannot suffice to adequately market a business, but there is not a shred of doubt about its necessity especially to small businesses.

How to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings by Promoting High Ticket Affiliate Offers

Affiliate EarningsAffiliate marketing programs hugely range in scale, reliability and quality. However, the best affiliate programs are the ones which provide high ticket items to promote. With these programs by your side, you can expect to:

  • Earn higher commission
  • Only need to concentrate on acquiring traffic
  • Level your business faster
  • Earn 200 dollars upward per sale (all the way up to $15,000 per sale)
  • Promote offers with even lower competion than what you are used to

Some of the most triumphant marketers will tell you that they never wasted their time in attempting to sell products for dimes and nickels. If you have to make a significant amount of income which can permit you to live life comfortably, then it would make sense to start aiming high. It involves similar amount of resources and energy to advertise high ticket items as it does to advertise something with a reduced commission value.

Never think that no one will purchase your high ticket items because the truth is, there are plenty of people who are ready and excited to invest more in this kind of offerings so that they can quickly move their business towards success. Once you begin in selling high-ticket products, you can scale up quicker and then invest some of your earnings again to gain traffic. Simply concentrate on your acquiring immense traffic to your products and you’re good to go! You can now expect greater profit and better ROI!

To start increasing your affiliate earnings by promoting high ticket affiliate offers, get connected with the best affiliate programs today. You can find high ticket offers at places like associates, eBay Partner Network, LinkShare and CPA Affiliate Networks or simply go directly to a high ticket affiliate directory like

How to Market Your Dental Practice on Pinterest!

The latest social media storm sweeping the web is Pinterest. Launched in early 2010, this pin-board style content sharing website has gained popularity very quickly. While many people think that Pinterest is just a place on the internet to share recipes, DIY tips and home décor ideas, the reality is that all types of businesses are now using this social media site to market their brands including those in the healthcare field.

If you run a dental practice and have not yet jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, now’s the time to do so. Even if dentistry isn’t a topic most people are passionately exploring, there are topics and interests related to dentistry that people are exploring. And, remember that everyone likes to do business with people they know and like. Here are some great ways to use this social networking site to market your practice.

Tell the Story of Your Practice
To show that your dental practice has a history, showcase some old photos taken of your practice in the past. This can improve your credibility with prospective patients who may have some anxiety about seeing a dentist. You can even show how your practice has grown over the years with new equipment, technology and décor. If you’re proud of your patient-friendly waiting area, post some photos of it so people know that you provide a comfortable, welcoming environment.

Show Off Your Best Work
Upload some photos of recent cases so you can showcase your best and latest work. This allows people to visualize potential treatments. You can create a board with before-and-after photos for the treatments you provide which could be anything from braces to dental implants.

Introduce Your Dental Team
Don’t make the mistake of coming across as a faceless practice. Upload photos of your dental team both while working and relaxing at staff get-togethers or community events. In order to succeed with your Pinterest marketing efforts, you need to stay focused on showing your current and prospective patients that you are a “people practice”. If you are very proud to be one of the first practices in your area to use a particular type of dental technology, brag about it and showcase your dentist(s) using the technology.

Put a Pinterest Follow Button on Your Website
It’s important to put a Pinterest follow button on your dentist website. This makes it easy for people to find your practice page and it can help you gain followers on Pinterest. It’s a good idea to put the button on several pages of your site and blog because not everyone will visit your main page.

Get Engaged!
Take advantage of the “Popular” section on Pinterest as this is where the most popular pins are featured that have been re-pinned, liked and commented on multiple times. When you comment on these pins you’ll be enticing people to visit your own page. Make sure your comments are meaningful so that you show you really care about the subject.

How to Rank a Dental Website

A few years back, it wasn’t all that important for a dental practice to worry too much about dental SEO. But fast forward to today and we find internet marketing firms of all types and sizes providing dental SEO services to practices all across North America. Whether you’re a dentist who is trying to figure out how to sell a dental practice on the web or are a dental professional who’d like to see more patients walk through your doors, you should learn how to rank a dental website. This is because your site needs to appear on the first page or two of the search engine results pages or SERPS, otherwise not many people will even know it exists.

Make Sure your Site Isn’t Lacking Something
If your competitors’ sites are ranking higher than yours, there’s little doubt that you need some dental SEO help. It could that be your site is not ranking well because it’s missing quality content, the domain is rather new or there are not many reviews written about your practice on Google+ Local, Yelp and other review sites. If you are trying to learn how to sell a dental practice, remember that interested buyers will be visiting your website so it’s important to get your dental SEO up to snuff as soon as possible.

Adding Quality, Informative Content Regulary is Something Google Loves
Ask any dental SEO expert what’s the most important thing when ranking a dental website and he or she will tell you that adding quality, informative content to your site is of the utmost importance. Google makes no secret of the fact that it loves content but not just any content. The text you put on your website has to be viewed as valuable and informative by both Google and your readers.

Metadata is an Important Aspect of Dental SEO
The page titles and descriptions on your web pages are called metadata and they are very important ranking factors. Each page of your site should feature unique metadata that accurately represents the content and/or purpose of that page. This is because Google uses this information to rank websites. If you get your titles and page descriptions right, your dental SEO efforts will be rewarded by Google as well as by the other major search engines.

Focus on Giving Your Readers a Very Good Experience
Whether you’re learning how to sell a dental practice or are focused solely on drumming up new business, it’s important that you provide your readers with a website design that makes visiting your site a pleasure. Good dental SEO involves everything from optimizing page load time to providing visitors with user-friendly navigation. Another thing to consider is that an every-increasing number of people are accessing the web via smartphones and tablets. This means it is essential that your website can be viewed correctly on a mobile device. Do take the time to have someone optimize your site for mobile viewing if you’re not capable of doing so yourself.

Many companies that provide dental SEO services will offer you a complimentary analysis of your website and its ranking so do take advantage of this type of offer so you can see what areas you need to improve upon.

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