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How to Market Your Dental Practice on Pinterest!

The latest social media storm sweeping the web is Pinterest. Launched in early 2010, this pin-board style content sharing website has gained popularity very quickly. While many people think that Pinterest is just a place on the internet to share recipes, DIY tips and home décor ideas, the reality is that all types of businesses are now using this social media site to market their brands including those in the healthcare field.

If you run a dental practice and have not yet jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, now’s the time to do so. Even if dentistry isn’t a topic most people are passionately exploring, there are topics and interests related to dentistry that people are exploring. And, remember that everyone likes to do business with people they know and like. Here are some great ways to use this social networking site to market your practice.

Tell the Story of Your Practice
To show that your dental practice has a history, showcase some old photos taken of your practice in the past. This can improve your credibility with prospective patients who may have some anxiety about seeing a dentist. You can even show how your practice has grown over the years with new equipment, technology and décor. If you’re proud of your patient-friendly waiting area, post some photos of it so people know that you provide a comfortable, welcoming environment.

Show Off Your Best Work
Upload some photos of recent cases so you can showcase your best and latest work. This allows people to visualize potential treatments. You can create a board with before-and-after photos for the treatments you provide which could be anything from braces to dental implants.

Introduce Your Dental Team
Don’t make the mistake of coming across as a faceless practice. Upload photos of your dental team both while working and relaxing at staff get-togethers or community events. In order to succeed with your Pinterest marketing efforts, you need to stay focused on showing your current and prospective patients that you are a “people practice”. If you are very proud to be one of the first practices in your area to use a particular type of dental technology, brag about it and showcase your dentist(s) using the technology.

Put a Pinterest Follow Button on Your Website
It’s important to put a Pinterest follow button on your dentist website. This makes it easy for people to find your practice page and it can help you gain followers on Pinterest. It’s a good idea to put the button on several pages of your site and blog because not everyone will visit your main page.

Get Engaged!
Take advantage of the “Popular” section on Pinterest as this is where the most popular pins are featured that have been re-pinned, liked and commented on multiple times. When you comment on these pins you’ll be enticing people to visit your own page. Make sure your comments are meaningful so that you show you really care about the subject.

Social Media Strategy That Works For A Dentist

Because search engines and social media are playing an every-increasing role in marketing, promoting your dental practice or even selling your dental practice via a sound social media strategy makes good sense today. We’re living in the digital age and with the majority of all adults online, a dental practice that doesn’t have a presence on the web is basically invisible. If you’re a dentist or an employee of a dentist who’s in charge of marketing, here is a simple and direct social media strategy you could put into effect starting from scratch.

Create Accounts at the Leading Social Media Sites
Of course, in order to come up with a social media strategy, your practice has to be involved with social media websites. The first order of business is to create profiles for your practice at a couple of the most popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+. You only need to follow the instructions on these sites to set up your profile so take the time to complete every step so you end up with a professional-looking profile on each.

Be Conversational
Regardless if you’re trying to drum up business for your dental practice or you’re planning on selling your dental practice in the future, you have to be conversational on the social sites you sign up for. Instead of making simple chit-chat, be authentic, honest and post things your followers will be interested in reading and sharing with their social media connections. You also have to listen to what others have to say and respond accordingly. Focus on being interesting, current and useful while engaging.

Encourage your Patients to Engage with You
A great way to get a quick following on social media sites is to encourage your current patients to join you there. You can do this in your office verbally or via signs or on you website or even better, both. Remember that your patients most likely all have numerous followers and friends on social media. If you’re planning on selling your dental practice and will be posting about it, those friends and followers of yours can be encouraged to share the information and photos about your practice with their network of friends and followers. This is a key component of a good social media strategy when you’re selling your practice or even when you’re just interested in seeing some new patients walk through your door.

Always Keep Your Posts Fresh
It’s likely that you’ll come to a point wherein you’ll feel that you have nothing interesting to post in order to keep your social media strategy alive. This is normal so don’t worry about it. A good way to come up with things to post is to pick the brains of your office staff. You could also ask your friends and followers what they’d like to know about dentistry, etc and then post accordingly. If you’re in the process of selling your dental practice, post a variety of new photos of your office both inside and out. If you have a flower garden, post photos of it and even put up some pictures of what your practice looked like years ago so interested buyers can see how much it’s improved over the years.

If you follow this rather simple social media strategy, you should be able to gain several new patients and even get your dental practice sold if that’s your intention!

Give your Non Profit Organization a Boost with Social Media

Most non profits rely solely on traditional media outlets like newspapers, magazines, TV and radio for spreading news and delivering one-way messages. If your non profit organization is not benefiting all that much from using this old-school method of spreading the news about your organization and communicating with your supporters, then it’s high time you turned your attention to social media. Here is how sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube can help your non-profit prosper and grow.

You’re Able to Enhance the Image of Your Organization
When you are being active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you are able to closely connect with a whole lot people so you can improve the image of your non profit. It doesn’t matter what your organization is all about or what your mission is. This is because social media allows you to communicate with people in real time to put a ‘face’ on your non-profit to bring your cause and mission closer to peoples’ hearts and minds.

Find Out What Your Community Thinks about your Non-Profit Organization
When you’re active on social media, you will be able to keep a close eye on what people in the community are saying about your organization. This is a very clear benefit of using sites like Facebook or Twitter as you’ll be able to correct any false statements floating around out there. At the same time, you’ll be able to express your gratitude to those people who donate to your cause or volunteer their time with your organization.

Raise Support by Spreading the Word
You can literally spend thousands of dollars buying a 30-second spot on local TV to promote your non profit but you don’t have to spend a dime to send the same message to even more people using social media. The messages you send online via social networking sites can go viral in no time flat. Just one powerful message that spreads like wildfire across the world wide web could do absolute wonders for your non profit organization in terms of raising money, support and gaining new members and volunteers.

You’re Able to Keep Things Transparent
Today, donors and supporters expect to see exactly how and where their donations are being used. When you’re active on social media, you can keep things transparent by demonstrating via videos or photos how supporters’ contributions are being put to good use. You can use some of the most popular photo-sharing websites to show your supporters and donors exactly where the money is going to keep them excited and emotionally attached to your cause.

If you want to take your non profit organization to the next level, by all means jump on the social media bandwagon! Using these online platforms is easy to do, free and best of all, the perfect way to stay connected with your faithful supporters and donors! If you are not so social media-savvy, find someone in your organization who is so they can manage your campaigns on the social sites your supporters use most.

Three Social Media Home Runs For Dental Practices

Most of us look at the dentists who work on our teeth as medical professionals who concentrate on keeping their patients’ teeth and gums in healthy, working order. While that is, obviously, a huge part of being a dentist, it’s only part of the story for dentists who run their own practices.

These entrepreneurs must also have a good head for business management and marketing. In the modern business world, successful marketing is focused squarely on the Internet, and more specifically on social media.

Social networks like Facebook, with one billion active users, offer an affordable and extremely effective means for connecting businesses like dental practices with new customers. Even better, happy customers are more than happy to share recommendations to, and content produced by, their favorite businesses on social media.

For businesses like dental practice that thrive on customer referrals, social media can be real gold mine. Here are few tips for helping dental practice hit social media home runs.

Center on Your Website
Dentists should think of social media as a bus that brings customers to their front door, which in this case is their website. That spending some time selecting a web designer who is qualified to create a website for dental practice.

The design process should definitely not be an overnight process. Your website gives patients their first impression of your business. That means you must keep a close eye on the web design and implementation at every step, because you only get one shot at making a first impression.

Once your site is up, it’s time to think about content that’s easily sharable on social media sites.

Graphical Content
One of the most popular types of social content is graphically based content. Whether you’re putting together a tutorial on flossing techniques or a Buzzfeed-style slideshow featuring something like, “Ten Horrible Dental Problems That Can Be Easily Avoided,” are surefire hits on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

What’s really important is that you make this content look good. Many dentists write the copy for graphic content themselves, and then farm out the actual design to contractors.

Lots of Interaction
Another important aspect of social media success for dentists is to establish a personality that social users can relate to. The best way to get this type of aura built is by interacting with social users via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Be forewarned that gaining social traction may take a bit of time. At the same time, the more you’re out there interacting and answering questions, the more shares and followers you’ll get.

If keeping up with Twitter proves to be too time-consuming, you might want to start out with online forums where users post questions. This is a great way to troll for new patients and any posting can include your business contact information.

A Word of Warning
Social networks are an incredibly active, fast-paced environment where getting caught up in the moment is a temptation that’s tough to avoid. We would caution any dentist who jumps into this marketing technique to behave online in the same manner they’d behave in their office.

After all, no one wants to visit a dentist who comes across as a hothead online.