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Learn How To Create a Report In Salesforce

Salesforce ReportBefore starting to learn how to create a report in Salesforce, let us follow some steps given below:

  • Define the custom report type template
  • Select the related object
  • In custom report type, specify the layout to display custom fields
  • From the custom report type template, create a report to verify that the object and field definitions are correct or not.

The reports in a custom report type template will also be deleted if we delete the custom report types we have created. When we try to view that deleted custom report types dashboard, dashboards which are created from the report types will show error messages. You can click here to learn how to create a report in Salesforce or keep reading.

How to create a report in Salesforce?

  • Define custom reports- In order to define the custom reports in Salesforce follow the path given below-

Setup>Create>report Types

Now select ‘new custom report’. We will be shown a page where it is required to define report type template. From the drop down list, enter primary object name. The other fields required are Report type label, report type name, Description, store in category. After we save the custom report type template, it is not possible to change the primary object name.

Select Next.

  • Defining the report records set.

When we run custom report type, the select object relationship is displayed. It determines the objects and the fields which will be displayed when we run the report. Select it. Objects which are associated with the primary object can be selected as secondary objects only. Now click on Save button.

  • Specify layout in order to display the custom fields in the custom reports

Now we are taken to a detailed view of the custom report. Here, we have to edit the custom report for specifying which of the standard and custom fields a report can show when we learn how to create a report in Salesorce.

For this select ‘Edit Layout button’. Select the objects from View which lies on the right side and arrange the fields order as you want.

Choose Edit properties if you want to rename or set the fields.

Now select the checkbox ‘Checked by default’ and the name you want. Now click OK and save all the settings which you have made.

Now go to the report TAB and select New Report. Now in the next screen, go to the report folder and select that report for creating Report. Click on report and follow the next processes.

  • Select the Format
  • Click ‘Show’ to display the fields
  • Clear the Date Range and select All
  • Now save the settings finally.
  • Now enter the report name
  • Enter the description
  • Select the folder where you want to save the report
  • Save and Run the report.


  • Select the summarized information
  • Run the Report
  • Save


These were the steps on how to create a report in Salesforce, which should help you work with this platform with more ease.

Best VOIP Apps for Businesses

VOIP AppsUtilizing voice-over-IP software and applications can be extremely beneficial for startups and established companies. Whether you are looking to use voice over IP software to train your employees or meet with your clients, voice over IP can be an extremely helpful tool when it comes to streamlining communication at your corporation. But with so many different voice over IP applications, it may be hard to decipher which one is a good fit for your unique business. Here’s a list of different voice over IP applications and their special features that they offer.

Skype for Business

You can get Skype for Business as a stand-alone plan or as a part of Office 360. Not only is Skype for Business an amazing option for voice and video communications, but it also seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft business applications such as Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. Skype for Business enables small businesses to hold conferences with over 250 participants whether they have Skype for business or not. Chromebooks and some Android devices do not support Skype for Business, so if your company is utilizing these devices, it may be beneficial to seek a different solution.


GoToMeeting is one of the longest-running voice over IP business applications and because of this it is extremely easy to use and is highly versatile. GoToMeeting works on Windows and Mac platform as well as Android or iOS. GoToMeeting offers a number of different business packages so you can customize your solution to fit your unique business. They also offer a 30-day free trial so you can test out if GoToMeeting is the right solution for your company.

Now that you know some of the best voice over IP applications for business you’ll be able to decide which one best suits your business. And for all the latest mobile devices be sure to visit

The reasons why Whatsapp is the most popular chat app today

WhatsappWhatsapp is the most popular chat application today. This application is able to connect each smartphone user, no matter what type of sim card they use. Whatsapp allows each user to send each photo, video, sound, and even calling. This application is cross-platform mobile messaging application. This great application is a major factor of unpopularity of SMS in many countries.

Whatsapp has various advantages associated with its visibility. Each cell phone contact will be synchronized automatically in the contact list of Whatsapp. It means you can see your friend’s Whatsapp contact automatically if he or she uses Whatsapp. Every cell number can be detected easily by Whatsapp.

Whatsapp does not require any PIN; each phone number (that has been activated) has a function as a “Whatsapp PIN”. Whatsapp has also so many interesting emoticons that are constantly updated every certain period. You can add as much as possible emoticons into your texts to make your message more attractive. Say no to the boredom.

Each user is able to change Whatsapp status easily. We just need to type in what we want in the status column. Status is the embodiment of what we think. You can find a variety of status inspiration on many site pages that discuss Whatsapp as their main theme. You may need what is called as 1000 short status for Whatsapp. By searching on Internet, you can make your Whatsapp status more meaningful and attracts a big attention of anyone who read it.

Whatsapp has been named as one of the today’s five fastest chat applications. The use of Whatsapp will facilitate all your daily activities. You do not even need any other chat application, because everything you need can be provided by Whatsapp well. What are you looking for? Download Whatsapp immediately and enjoy all the facilities provided.

Conversion of files and its favorable features

Movavi Video ConverterDo you find it very important to convert your file from one format to the other? As a legitimate cause, you would find that most of the files are given in a particular type. So, the conversion will need to be done in such a manner that you need not to worry about any kind of problems.

Moreover, there are a lot of video converters that can be found in the market, and most of them would look like providing you with the best possible conversion that you can get for your money. However, there are some intricate details that you need to know. Firstly, most of the software has faulty features in their working. So, even when you’re promised with a great quality video, that is synonymous with the video that you have seen, you’ll not be able to get it. Secondly, the video conversion requires for a certain amount of technical knowledge. Without it, you will not be able to go for progressing onto the video conversion.

So, if you want out from such technical know-how, and you actually want software that will be the best, you have got to take the help of Movavi video converter for Windows. You can easily go for converting DVD to MP4, without finding any kind of problems with either the quality, or with the features of the software. Moreover, everything that you can actually do will be provided to you within the software. Starting from the inclusion of MP3 files, to the excellent editing work that can be done, you’ll definitely be able to have a wonderful time in this particular place. More so, when you find that there is a lot that can actually be told about the various factors of conversion, then you got to take it into account.

Overall, when you think about going for the best possible editing, and the typical conversion from DVD to MP4 file format, then you need excellent video conversion tools like Movavi video converter for Windows. This will give you the kind of exuberance that you need, and you will be able to on video conversion, without any kind of issues. Now, in most cases, watching DVD quality movies in your home theatre is only possible with the help of the DVD format of the video files. So, if you actually want to incorporate a lot more video formats, and not have to worry about any kind of problems, and this is the ideal software.

Learn About The Special Features Of The Keyboard Through Reviews

KeyboardIf you are not comfortable with your typing on your iPad, laptop or tablet, you can now fix the problem with Brydge keyboard. Now, it is the time for you to resolve your typing difficulties, since you have a newly introduced typing device, exclusively for your tablet. You can feel the difference in the ease of use, when you need to type for hours together.

Solution For The Tyoubg Problem On The Tablet:

However, you have been relieved of your typing problem, with the arrival of the Brydge Keyboards and if you want to satisfy yourself, you can read the Brydge Keyboards review, before you order for your keyboard. This keyboard resolves the problem of typing on the tablets. In addition, the keyboard is compatible with the latest models of iPads. The keyboard is an attachable device, which means that it can be removed, after using. This system is comfortable for traveling.

Foldable iPad With The Attachment Of Keyboard:

Like some of the popular brands of laptops, you can fold your iPad, when it is attached to the keyboard, if you need. Of course, you can open it completely, if you are comfortable. The keyboard uses the Bluetooth technology for the connectivity to your iPad. Typing on the tablet, even in the dark is not a difficult job, because of the availability of the backlit on the keys. The BrydgeAir keyboards come with two built-in speakers and the keyboard users can listen to music or enjoy video programs, without having to attach headphones in their ears.


  • The keyboard is compatible with most of the advanced iPad models
  • The keyboard is with attachable as well as removable features
  • The keys are with the backlit and comfortable to work in the dark
  • Built-in speakers are there in the keyboard
  • The keyboard is with very strong, yet lightweight, high-grade aluminum body
  • Users have the same feeling of typing on their keyboards
  • Long battery life and the keyboard can be used up to ninety days, depending on the usage


  • Though it is worth to pay the listed price for the keyboard, buyers may feel that the keyboard is priced a little high
  • At present, it takes about four weeks for the online companies to ship the keyboards, because of the increased response from the iPad users

When you are using the tablet, you can be assured to have all the features in your tablet, except the difficulties in typing.