Tips for Securing Your Online Business’s Information

data-recoveryIT security is of the utmost importance when you’re running a business on the web. It’s absolutely critical to take the steps necessary to protect your online business against hackers who are out to nab vital information or virus threats that can crash your computer system and stop your business dead in its tracks. While no information security system is 100% foolproof, it’s smart to use as many measures as possible so those with malicious intentions will look for an easier target. Here are some ways you can secure your information to help ensure it stays safe.

Get Rid of Default Passwords and Account Names
When you install a computer or software out of the box without re-configuring it for security, you are making a big mistake. Default passwords and account names are easy targets for fraudsters so you need to come up with new passwords and account names which hackers will find difficult to figure out.

Update your Computer Operating System
Hackers are always looking for computer operating systems that don’t have the latest safeguards in place. This is why you should sign up for automated updates that will install security patches. When shopping for anti-virus software make sure the one you choose comes with automatic updates. You also should use a spam blocker and a spyware fighter which ward off unwanted attacks.

Limit Access of Sensitive Data
A key information security measure many online businesses fail to take is to limit access of sensitive information to only those who need to see it. By only allowing access to your info to key people, your overall security will be enhanced. It’s a good idea to invest in software that’s designed to monitor outbound communications as this will help ensure that certain info and data is not leaking out.

If you have workers who require remote access to your computer system, make use of a system that requires more than just a user name and password to gain access. Another thing to consider is to make use of inexpensive mobile software that works by encrypting email traffic and monitoring handsets for suspicious activity.

Protect Customer Financial Info With Encryption Software
The top credit card issuers require most businesses operating on the internet to verify they’ve taken specific steps to protect cardholder data. Find out if you are one of those businesses that’s required to verify you’ve taken these steps. If you are and you take the required measures, your online business will most likely be quite secure.

Consult with Security Experts
Hiring a leading provider of merchant data security such as SucurityMetrics consultants will help keep your online business secure from hackers and criminals. When you use a firm that specializes in vulnerability assessment scans, any weaknesses present will be identified quickly and remedied appropriately.

At the very least, find out how safe you are online by taking a self-assessment quiz that will rate your online security. There are may websites out there today that offer these quizzes and all are free to use so by all means take advantage of this. On a final note, don’t falsely believe that your online business is too small for hackers. Incredibly, over two million small to medium-sized businesses in the United States alone experienced computer security breaches more than four times over the past three years.

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