How to Rank a Dental Website

A few years back, it wasn’t all that important for a dental practice to worry too much about dental SEO. But fast forward to today and we find internet marketing firms of all types and sizes providing dental SEO services to practices all across North America. Whether you’re a dentist who is trying to figure out how to sell a dental practice on the web or are a dental professional who’d like to see more patients walk through your doors, you should learn how to rank a dental website. This is because your site needs to appear on the first page or two of the search engine results pages or SERPS, otherwise not many people will even know it exists.

Make Sure your Site Isn’t Lacking Something
If your competitors’ sites are ranking higher than yours, there’s little doubt that you need some dental SEO help. It could that be your site is not ranking well because it’s missing quality content, the domain is rather new or there are not many reviews written about your practice on Google+ Local, Yelp and other review sites. If you are trying to learn how to sell a dental practice, remember that interested buyers will be visiting your website so it’s important to get your dental SEO up to snuff as soon as possible.

Adding Quality, Informative Content Regulary is Something Google Loves
Ask any dental SEO expert what’s the most important thing when ranking a dental website and he or she will tell you that adding quality, informative content to your site is of the utmost importance. Google makes no secret of the fact that it loves content but not just any content. The text you put on your website has to be viewed as valuable and informative by both Google and your readers.

Metadata is an Important Aspect of Dental SEO
The page titles and descriptions on your web pages are called metadata and they are very important ranking factors. Each page of your site should feature unique metadata that accurately represents the content and/or purpose of that page. This is because Google uses this information to rank websites. If you get your titles and page descriptions right, your dental SEO efforts will be rewarded by Google as well as by the other major search engines.

Focus on Giving Your Readers a Very Good Experience
Whether you’re learning how to sell a dental practice or are focused solely on drumming up new business, it’s important that you provide your readers with a website design that makes visiting your site a pleasure. Good dental SEO involves everything from optimizing page load time to providing visitors with user-friendly navigation. Another thing to consider is that an every-increasing number of people are accessing the web via smartphones and tablets. This means it is essential that your website can be viewed correctly on a mobile device. Do take the time to have someone optimize your site for mobile viewing if you’re not capable of doing so yourself.

Many companies that provide dental SEO services will offer you a complimentary analysis of your website and its ranking so do take advantage of this type of offer so you can see what areas you need to improve upon.

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