Learn The Trade From Digital Marketing Blogs

There are many resources from where you can learn digital marketing. One of the best ways to do this is to centralize these blogs by learning through RSS feeds. It is possible to scrape information from the most trusted sources on the internet. A lot of SEO professionals have learned much of what they know by throwing syndication feeds in their Google Reader. There currently are not a lot of universities that have proper digital marketing programs so learning from the world wide web is often the most logical choice. It doesn’t make sense to waste thousands of dollars on a liberal arts education or general marketing degree when you can get most information you need free from the internet.

RSS: A Digital Marketer’s Best Friend

Say you want to learn about a specific area of SEO or content marketing but you want to get real specific like, “how to use video infographics” to get traffic. Another great way to utilize RSS is to setup Google Alerts for specific topic that you want to learn about by keyword. You then subscribe to the keyword alert and then create a category in your Google Reader for “alerts”. From here you can monitor every time the web scrapes the keyword or phrase of your choice. This is a bloody efficient way of finding new information and also a great way for monitoring your online reputation, which is extremely important for many small businesses that rely on user reviews and comments to gauge their customers service and all around client satisfaction from the web. When people are upset with your business or unsatisfied with your services you better believe they’re going to take to the message boards and forums to let pe
ople know.

RSS is Also Great For Competition Monitoring

Wanna find out when someone is mentioning your competitors online? You can setup an alert for that as well. Say you own a dog food store and “Bob’s Dog Food” is moving in on your retail territory. You simply setup a Google Alert for “Bob’s Dog Food” and then you can monitor every digital move they make. Simply put; if you’re trying to learn in a fast and efficient manner, the internet and its vast resources is the bast place to go.

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