What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO has always been a flawed concept.It provides us with innumerable number of sites when we type a particular keywords or a group of words, and also it provides us with related sites, which facilitates us. It works by following a few steps such as crawling, processing etc. it is basically a gift of our new age technology and is said to be a blessing but then it has also got various cons.

But then there are various pros as well. The following are:-

  • Listing is generally free and budget friendly. Compared to other systems, the advertising cost is also low. Unpaid ads generally present.
  • SEO is a way to increase traffic. The difference becomes very clear.
  • Better ROI or rate of interest. Normal ads are much lesser.
  • SEO is a rising field and it’s going to rise more in the near future. There is a strong and healthy rate of competition.
  • It takes one’s business a step forward and encourages one to move to the next level.
  • If your product is good, it will surely gain a space.
  • Customer data is easily available. It can be of great advantage.
  • The results are permanent.

The disadvantages are as follows:-

  • SEO takes time.
  • Though it’s cheap but one still needs to pay for it.
  • Ranking may not be proper.
  • It requires long term upkeep. You have to give in your effort on a daily basis.

SEO is of different types say images, videos, data , news , etc.

SEO gives two types of results black hat and white hat. White hat gives clean results while black one gives results of sites which maybe banned. Black hat doesn’t follow any rules and regulations. It breaks the rules and misleads customers and also creates a poor experience. It is unethical. It involves hidden content, Meta keywords stuffing, etc.

White hat is the ethical and trusted one. It involves keyword analysis, link building ,etc. this one has got quality content, no hidden stuff, structural presentation, meta data, effective keyword use, quality inbound links.

Owning a SEO

One can easily own a SEO company by following a few steps. It can be costly in the beginning because it’s a type of investment. There are various helplines who helps one to get into this business.

Always encouraging a respected and industry based webpage is helpful. Informative text and keyword search is important. Unique title and content of each webpage is important. Updating every now and then is necessary and also keeping a watch on the competitors. Adding interactive features and discussion and suggestion features always helps.

But these days suggestions and recommendations from family and friends count more than any search engine tools.

Seo is no kind of ranking for one’s company name.


The keywords are important. If you be specific the result will also be specific. One does not need to write a full sentence. A few words or sometimes maybe just a word is enough.

It can be done in two ways i.e. online and offline.

Off-line one consists of submission of seo, article submission, social networking, forum posting, directory submission, link exchange, photos and videos uploading, business reviews, document sharing, blog submission, creating advertisement etc.



Online SEO consists of:-Unique content, friendly url, title tags, keywords, meta description, analysis,etc.

Thus we can say that SEO has gained its market and will be gaining it in the future inspires of its cons. It helps the customers a lot and they get the world infront of them just by typing a few words regarding a subject.

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