Social Media Strategy That Works For A Dentist

Because search engines and social media are playing an every-increasing role in marketing, promoting your dental practice or even selling your dental practice via a sound social media strategy makes good sense today. We’re living in the digital age and with the majority of all adults online, a dental practice that doesn’t have a presence on the web is basically invisible. If you’re a dentist or an employee of a dentist who’s in charge of marketing, here is a simple and direct social media strategy you could put into effect starting from scratch.

Create Accounts at the Leading Social Media Sites
Of course, in order to come up with a social media strategy, your practice has to be involved with social media websites. The first order of business is to create profiles for your practice at a couple of the most popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+. You only need to follow the instructions on these sites to set up your profile so take the time to complete every step so you end up with a professional-looking profile on each.

Be Conversational
Regardless if you’re trying to drum up business for your dental practice or you’re planning on selling your dental practice in the future, you have to be conversational on the social sites you sign up for. Instead of making simple chit-chat, be authentic, honest and post things your followers will be interested in reading and sharing with their social media connections. You also have to listen to what others have to say and respond accordingly. Focus on being interesting, current and useful while engaging.

Encourage your Patients to Engage with You
A great way to get a quick following on social media sites is to encourage your current patients to join you there. You can do this in your office verbally or via signs or on you website or even better, both. Remember that your patients most likely all have numerous followers and friends on social media. If you’re planning on selling your dental practice and will be posting about it, those friends and followers of yours can be encouraged to share the information and photos about your practice with their network of friends and followers. This is a key component of a good social media strategy when you’re selling your practice or even when you’re just interested in seeing some new patients walk through your door.

Always Keep Your Posts Fresh
It’s likely that you’ll come to a point wherein you’ll feel that you have nothing interesting to post in order to keep your social media strategy alive. This is normal so don’t worry about it. A good way to come up with things to post is to pick the brains of your office staff. You could also ask your friends and followers what they’d like to know about dentistry, etc and then post accordingly. If you’re in the process of selling your dental practice, post a variety of new photos of your office both inside and out. If you have a flower garden, post photos of it and even put up some pictures of what your practice looked like years ago so interested buyers can see how much it’s improved over the years.

If you follow this rather simple social media strategy, you should be able to gain several new patients and even get your dental practice sold if that’s your intention!

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