Three Social Media Home Runs For Dental Practices

Most of us look at the dentists who work on our teeth as medical professionals who concentrate on keeping their patients’ teeth and gums in healthy, working order. While that is, obviously, a huge part of being a dentist, it’s only part of the story for dentists who run their own practices.

These entrepreneurs must also have a good head for business management and marketing. In the modern business world, successful marketing is focused squarely on the Internet, and more specifically on social media.

Social networks like Facebook, with one billion active users, offer an affordable and extremely effective means for connecting businesses like dental practices with new customers. Even better, happy customers are more than happy to share recommendations to, and content produced by, their favorite businesses on social media.

For businesses like dental practice that thrive on customer referrals, social media can be real gold mine. Here are few tips for helping dental practice hit social media home runs.

Center on Your Website
Dentists should think of social media as a bus that brings customers to their front door, which in this case is their website. That spending some time selecting a web designer who is qualified to create a website for dental practice.

The design process should definitely not be an overnight process. Your website gives patients their first impression of your business. That means you must keep a close eye on the web design and implementation at every step, because you only get one shot at making a first impression.

Once your site is up, it’s time to think about content that’s easily sharable on social media sites.

Graphical Content
One of the most popular types of social content is graphically based content. Whether you’re putting together a tutorial on flossing techniques or a Buzzfeed-style slideshow featuring something like, “Ten Horrible Dental Problems That Can Be Easily Avoided,” are surefire hits on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

What’s really important is that you make this content look good. Many dentists write the copy for graphic content themselves, and then farm out the actual design to contractors.

Lots of Interaction
Another important aspect of social media success for dentists is to establish a personality that social users can relate to. The best way to get this type of aura built is by interacting with social users via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Be forewarned that gaining social traction may take a bit of time. At the same time, the more you’re out there interacting and answering questions, the more shares and followers you’ll get.

If keeping up with Twitter proves to be too time-consuming, you might want to start out with online forums where users post questions. This is a great way to troll for new patients and any posting can include your business contact information.

A Word of Warning
Social networks are an incredibly active, fast-paced environment where getting caught up in the moment is a temptation that’s tough to avoid. We would caution any dentist who jumps into this marketing technique to behave online in the same manner they’d behave in their office.

After all, no one wants to visit a dentist who comes across as a hothead online.

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