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Mistakes To Avoid While Logo Making

images (2)As a creator and designer of logos, it is your highest responsibility to signify your work with professionalism, reliability and creativity to build customer trust and commitment with you. This way you get the popular presence in an aggressive market. Now even if you have experience and skills, abilities and credentials as a logo designer, you always need to look out to avoid certain common errors which you can create.

1. Typography

Choose fonts which are easily readable for the viewers. Select font size according to the customer’s target audience, such as, the font of Disney logo cannot perform for business law firm. Use two to three font types. Do not use too thick or thin fonts, which is a problem while logo printing.

2. Clip art

This is the greatest error of your professional career if you do so. Do not use clip-art graphics or compositions because it looks cheap and non-professional and gives the client reputation as idiotic.

3. Grey scale

Do not create a color-dependent logo. Always try the design out in black and white before including colors to it. This way you confirm that the logo without colors is interacting the primary company concept the same way as it is with colors.

4. Vector

The logo designer shows its professionalism with vector graphics because it contributes scalability and flexibility in the design which the rasterized image cannot bring. It is simple to recreate and print, from post stamp to bill-board dimensions. There is no issue of pixel burst in the scalable vector design; thus,this way you keep up the logo quality in all sizes.

5. Plagiarism

Take ideas but do not copy. Ensure that your logo has copyrights so that there are no violation issues for your company. Make your logo unforgettable through individuality and creativeness rather duplicating and disturbing audience attention towards the original logo.