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Applying Keyword Phrase In Your Article For SEO Purpose

ahahhahasasSometimes Google search results may show slightly different result between what we were looking for, since not every article is deemed enough to only rely on the title, description, and permalink. This means employing more keyword phrase in the articles you write. The search terms will focus one keyword that you intend to. Read the following guidelines on how to implement a keyword phrase/exact keywords in SEO article writing.

Apply ‘Organic’ Articles
Focus only on the local search results, to make the keyword phrases become more centralistic. Organic means natural – an article with proper writing which often drives unexpected traffic and high ranking in the search results. Use several terms of different keyword phrases to receive larger number of visitors.

Apply Anchor Link
If you already have a reference article on the same site, always use anchor links with different keyword phrases. Any “SEO optimization tips” topic should match with a good anchor link such as “way to do SEO optimization” for example. This is one of the most effective and safest route to implement keyword phrases in a post. By doing this, each article will have different keywords. These several different anchor links will result in some targeted keywords juice.

Offer An Answer
In accordance with Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, the biggest factor that counts for site ranking in search results is their ability to provide answers or solutions to the users. In each making the article try to conclude it with solution or answer they were seeking for. This will bring positive effect on your overall content. For example if you type “how to install SEO software”, terms that may appear on the search results will be like “easy way to install SEO software,” or “guide to install SEO software.” Still, the keyword phrases play strong role in determining the search results.

Expand the Keyword Phrase
Eventually, if you already understand about this course, expand your keyword phrases whenever you’re writing an article. It is very important to have different variation of keyword phrases since it will affect the entire site on search results. The selection of these keyword phrases should refer to the term that users are popularly searching for. Analyze every possible keyword combination by either using softwares or SEO monitoring services.