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The reasons why Whatsapp is the most popular chat app today

WhatsappWhatsapp is the most popular chat application today. This application is able to connect each smartphone user, no matter what type of sim card they use. Whatsapp allows each user to send each photo, video, sound, and even calling. This application is cross-platform mobile messaging application. This great application is a major factor of unpopularity of SMS in many countries.

Whatsapp has various advantages associated with its visibility. Each cell phone contact will be synchronized automatically in the contact list of Whatsapp. It means you can see your friend’s Whatsapp contact automatically if he or she uses Whatsapp. Every cell number can be detected easily by Whatsapp.

Whatsapp does not require any PIN; each phone number (that has been activated) has a function as a “Whatsapp PIN”. Whatsapp has also so many interesting emoticons that are constantly updated every certain period. You can add as much as possible emoticons into your texts to make your message more attractive. Say no to the boredom.

Each user is able to change Whatsapp status easily. We just need to type in what we want in the status column. Status is the embodiment of what we think. You can find a variety of status inspiration on many site pages that discuss Whatsapp as their main theme. You may need what is called as 1000 short status for Whatsapp. By searching on Internet, you can make your Whatsapp status more meaningful and attracts a big attention of anyone who read it.

Whatsapp has been named as one of the today’s five fastest chat applications. The use of Whatsapp will facilitate all your daily activities. You do not even need any other chat application, because everything you need can be provided by Whatsapp well. What are you looking for? Download Whatsapp immediately and enjoy all the facilities provided.