Learn How To Create a Report In Salesforce

Salesforce ReportBefore starting to learn how to create a report in Salesforce, let us follow some steps given below:

  • Define the custom report type template
  • Select the related object
  • In custom report type, specify the layout to display custom fields
  • From the custom report type template, create a report to verify that the object and field definitions are correct or not.

The reports in a custom report type template will also be deleted if we delete the custom report types we have created. When we try to view that deleted custom report types dashboard, dashboards which are created from the report types will show error messages. You can click here to learn how to create a report in Salesforce or keep reading.

How to create a report in Salesforce?

  • Define custom reports- In order to define the custom reports in Salesforce follow the path given below-

Setup>Create>report Types

Now select ‘new custom report’. We will be shown a page where it is required to define report type template. From the drop down list, enter primary object name. The other fields required are Report type label, report type name, Description, store in category. After we save the custom report type template, it is not possible to change the primary object name.

Select Next.

  • Defining the report records set.

When we run custom report type, the select object relationship is displayed. It determines the objects and the fields which will be displayed when we run the report. Select it. Objects which are associated with the primary object can be selected as secondary objects only. Now click on Save button.

  • Specify layout in order to display the custom fields in the custom reports

Now we are taken to a detailed view of the custom report. Here, we have to edit the custom report for specifying which of the standard and custom fields a report can show when we learn how to create a report in Salesorce.

For this select ‘Edit Layout button’. Select the objects from View which lies on the right side and arrange the fields order as you want.

Choose Edit properties if you want to rename or set the fields.

Now select the checkbox ‘Checked by default’ and the name you want. Now click OK and save all the settings which you have made.

Now go to the report TAB and select New Report. Now in the next screen, go to the report folder and select that report for creating Report. Click on report and follow the next processes.

  • Select the Format
  • Click ‘Show’ to display the fields
  • Clear the Date Range and select All
  • Now save the settings finally.
  • Now enter the report name
  • Enter the description
  • Select the folder where you want to save the report
  • Save and Run the report.


  • Select the summarized information
  • Run the Report
  • Save


These were the steps on how to create a report in Salesforce, which should help you work with this platform with more ease.

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