Finding a web host for a Joomla Site

Joomla is one of, if not the most popular open source content management system available today. Joomla is extremely user friendly and is very expandable and customizable. Sure there are many hosting companies that you could use to host your Joomla site but if you want your site to run perfectly, here are a few tips when looking for a web hosting provider.
1. Linux all the way – You have 2 main choices when it comes to server operating systems, and that is Windows and Linux. In almost all cases, Linux is a better choice. Joomla and Windows are compatible but in my experience, I’ve had too many problems with Windows servers in general. There are more errors and it just does not run as smoothly. Not only that, but Linux servers are generally cheaper and easier to maintain. So look for Linux servers when looking for a web host for Joomla.
2. Auto Script Installers – Many of the big hosting companies offer auto script installers. Examples of this areFantasticoand Simple Scripts. Some companies have their own systems as well. These systems allow you to easily install Joomla as well as other scripts in one or two clicks. They even create the database so you don’t need to worry about doing that. The one drawback is sometimes the versions are not the latest but updating is easy on Joomla.
3. Joomla Support – Some companies such as Tech Guy Web Solutions have experience with Joomla development. These are the best guys to have housing your website. They can do transfers, updates and other maintenance services. These could be included in your hosting or added for a set price. They will usually have a knowledgebase on their site to offer quick solutions.
So these are 3 of the most useful aspects to look for when choosing a home for your Joomla websites.

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