Web Design Trends In 2014

images (13)Here are some of the interesting trends predicted to effect the globe of web style as the year 2014 evolves:


Everyone desires that font styles will perform a higher part in the 2014 than they have formerly. For this, we can thank services such as Google Web Fonts as well as technological innovation like CCS 3. Big titles like WordPress are also on panel with their new standard serif font. It’s fresh, it’s modern and it’s here to remain. Whether it’s fresh fonts or attractive typography, written text will be all the rage in 2014.

Move to Mobile

Responsive style is still essential in 2014. If your web page isn’t quickly considered on cellular phones or tabs, it could signify a dark gap that is slurping cash out of your organization’s main point here. Web style programs from here on out will concentrate on how to use CSS to make styles that convert magnificently across a wide range of gadgets – just as it should be!

Video Usage

It doesn’t issue whether you’re looking for a job as a healthcare office associate or surfing around your regional newspaper’s web page. You’re going to see more movie clips incorporated into sites this season. These movie clips might even substitute written text material all together so it’s essential that a developer uses HTML 5 to make sure that movie clips appear for all customers and not just those adjusting in from their desktops.

Simplified Color Schemes

In 2013, Web design was a bit strong when it came to enjoying with color. However, you’re likely to see more sites using easy combinations depending on only one or two colors. It seems as though dark will be used as an accent. This “neutral” color, along with white-color, often comes with only a sprinkle of other color. Simple styles will be especially typical this season so be seeking this as one of the trends of the year.

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